Since 1996, Design Powers has been creating logos, print design, websites and so much more. It’s nice to meet you!

Meet your expert team.


We’ve been working together since 2015 and have had the opportunity to work with a lot of different kinds of clients. Through our experience, we realize that we love working with seasoned experts who know their professional service-based industry inside and out…

…they realize they need a consistent and compelling online presence to build authority, elucidate their hard-won expertise and finally, convey a deeply-held conviction. This belief is more important than anything else. It may be transformational, or an uncommon approach that solves a problem or rectifies an inequity or creates opportunity.

If you’re ready to start your own business or transform the successful business you already have and seriously OWN IT-you’ve come to the right place!


We help you strategize your services with the Power Plan, then create your visual identity, content, website design and build, custom photography and your post-launch organic content marketing. We take it as far as you’re ready to go.

Get ready to unleash your big idea, assert your excellence, and OWN IT!

Evelyn and Emily are not only design colleagues, they’re related. Evelyn is Emily’s aunt!

Evelyn and Emily are not only design colleagues, they’re related. Evelyn is Emily’s aunt!


Excellence is more than a goal to be achieved, it is part of the entire experience. Be clear, be thoughtful and be excellent.

Attracting the right people and engaging in a relationship where both parties are mutually supported and uplifted is part of our work... and our lives. 

It is essential to make things work. There are no roadblocks that can’t be overcome, and no excuses for getting things done well.

Our impact impacts the planet, and the people on it. We are working toward more sustainable web design, and are activists for making the world a more inclusive place.

We build brands and websites for people who first seek their purpose so they can flow into profit.